Candid Color Systems Training

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PhotoMatch Overview

This training will review how Photomatch works, the equipment you will need, the types of event that Photomatch works best with and we will do a live demo to show you PhotoMatch in action!

(1 hour)

PhotoMatch Advanced

During this session, we will install the PhotoMatch program and configure settings on your tablet or latop. We will also determine which type of PhotoMatch event is right for your photo shoot. If you have questions about your PhotoMatch event or settings this is the training for you!

(1 hour)

CORE - Workflows

Learn how workflows can simplify your day to day operations by holding settings for your events. You no longer have to make selections (like product offers) on every event! You can simply create a workflow to set it for you!

(1 hour)

CORE - After Photo Day

If you have photographed your event and need some help getting it online, this training is for you. We will review uploading images, matching data to images, group images, how your event looks online and how to check your event for accuracy to maximize sales.

(30 minutes)

CORE - Chroma Key Setup/Custom Background Library

We will review how to setup event specific backgrounds, settings for cutting out your chroma key images, rendering images and what all of this means for your event online.

(30 minutes)

CORE - Print Proofs/Sequence Cards

In this training, we will review how to setup or edit a print template and how to setup CORE Print to create your own sequence cards or proof pages that can include participant images after your event is photographed.

(1 hour)

CORE - Email/SMS Campaigns

Learn how to setup, edit or assign email campaigns on your events. We can review how to adjust a template or create a campaign from scratch. This is a great training to attend if you want to gain additional sales on your events.

(1 hour)

CORE - Z-Cropping

Use our in-CORE cropping tool to sell and show more images online! We have a manual and auto-process for creating additional images that your customers can see and order from. Learn how with this training!

(30 minutes)

CORE - Product Offerings (Advanced)

Learn how to edit the Candid Offers, copy products or packages into your offers, change pricing OR create your own offer with graphics from scratch. This is a training for intermediate or advanced CORE users only.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Digital Artwork

Do you want to order some of our awesome digital products like Virtual Groups, Attitude Panos, L2 teams or individual images? We can help! We will review how to select the desired art, the different options for that product, how to customize those products and how to get those images online for ordering.

(30 minutes)


Learn about the reporting capabilities that Candid has - profit reports, comparison reports, images sold reports and MUCH MORE!

(30 minutes)

QEMS Basics

See how our photography event calendar, QEMS can help you manage events, schedule photographers and even calculate payroll!

(1 hour)

Custom Training

Need help with something that is not listed above? Sign up for a custom session and we will provide training on anything that you need help with. Please provide the topic that you want to have training on in the description field when booking your session.

(30 minutes)